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Now available in the Stagelight in-app store.

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Special Early Reward Pricing

Get StorePass at a discount and own everything coming in Stagelight Ultimate Unlock V4 ($149.99) with these epic reward offers!

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  • $99.99 deal (33% off) ends 8/31/18

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  • $129.99 deal (13% off) ends 9/30/18

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Open Labs is excited to share the news that StorePass will include the next Stagelight Ultimate Unlock V4. This one in-app purchase will give you EVERYTHING including all Instruments, Loops, Presets and Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and macOS) along with VST/AU plug-in support plus anything else coming to Stagelight 4 throughout the entire Stagelight release cycle. Here is your chance to preorder Stagelight Ultimate Unlock V4 with StorePass. After the final date the price for StorePass will be locked at $149.99 until our Stagelight 4.0 release. Help support our path to Stagelight 4.0 and start unlocking everything today with StorePass. 

Over 8500 Sounds!

All Loops and Preset Packs. (117 available now)

Get even more new Packs FREE with version 4

Over $550 of content

StorePass is your VIP ticket into Stagelight 4

(Coming this fall)

Coffee Bean

New Sampler


Coffee Bean



Coffee Bean



Huge features including a brand new instrument sampler with a phrase arpeggiator, full MPE support, new automation engine, hundreds of work flow enhancements and iOS support.

Get StorePass in Stagelight

1. Upgrade to the latest version of Stagelight. (links below)
2. Launch Stagelight, log in and tap Store.
3. Find StorePass in the features tab, add to cart and use coupon code SLSP6618 at check out.