Complete Mobile Studio

Stagelight comes with everything you need to start making music including loops, instruments, effects and much more. Stagelight also includes an extensive in-app store where you can unlock additional features and exclusive content, right when you need it.





Never made music before? No problem, you can easily take step-by-step lessons, explore new genres of music and create your first song in minutes with a Stagelight SongBuilder Lesson. Simply pick a genre to get started.

Take Control

Learn the fundamentals of music creation with Stagelight’s advanced in-app lessons. From the basics of building your first beat from scratch to using the built-in track mixer, Stagelight lessons will elevate your abilities quickly and easily.

Tips from Pros

Exploring completed songs in Stagelight is a fantastic way to learn production techniques used by professionals. Dive into exclusive demo songs from major artists like Linkin Park and Timbaland and see how they use different synths, effects, instruments and features including LoopBuilder and Timeline to create their masterpieces.



Never before has music creation and performance been this easy. LoopBuilder is a loop-style production feature that enables anyone to build music quickly. Choose from thousands of sounds in Stagelight’s vast loop library or record your own loops. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, a seasoned DJ or a professional music producer, LoopBuilder delivers a fun, easy and powerful tool for all types of music styles.


Play music the way you want and trigger parts to come in on time every time!


Record, edit and sequence song parts quickly and easily with LoopBuilder.


Easily share your music with friends and family via your favorite social network.


Go on a musical journey with Stagelight’s Electro Instruments and native effects suite. Jump right in and begin creating your own sounds with or without having to play an actual instrument. Stagelight’s on-screen drum pads and keys are a great way to learn and have fun right from your mobile or desktop device.


Easily record acoustic instruments including your voice, guitar, drums and more.

Drum Track

Create beats, sample sounds, build drum kits, edit patterns all within Stagelight’s Drum Track.


Play virtual piano, bass, synth and guitars or hook up your favorite MIDI controller and jam out.


Plug in and rock out with Stagelight. Add effects such as Drive, Chorus, Delay and Reverb to create a wall of sound for your next solo.


Stagelight’s in-app store is packed full of professional-quality, royalty-free loops, sounds, features and exclusive artist bundles that you can easily browse, audition and purchase right from within the app. Take advantage of exclusive offers, manage your account and be rewarded for being a Stagelight Star!



Unlock More

Unlock the full potential of Stagelight when you’re ready! Get access to deeper controls, advanced features, customized sounds and mobile-friendly instruments.


Loops and Sounds

From Hip Hop to Electro Dance to Metal, this is where you find the best quality of loops, sounds, features and exclusive bundles at amazing prices.


 Exclusive Bundles

Stagelight Bundles are designed to give you more music, for less. From beginner to professional, Stagelight bundles are designed to suit every musical scenario and budget. From freemium to premium, Stagelight has you covered!