Customer Reviews

“This is my most recommended choice of DAW to any beginner producer.”

Cameron Huff – GOOGLE PLAY

“I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time on the Android platform. There are some good apps like FL mobile, Caustic 3, & G-stomper. But, the workflow, the GUI, the loop integration, time stretch algorithm is really flawless on this. I love the GUI. It’s perfect and easy on the eyes. This is very important along with functionality. This app reminds me of Tracktion 3 and Cubase. I love this app and I spend hours on it and making music is so much fun on this. Note to developers: please don’t ever change the GUI. I will continue to support you guys as long as this app survives through time.”

Rafsan Rahi – GOOGLE PLAY

“perfect app for music lovers.”

Darryl Perrin – GOOGLE PLAY

“Great app has amazing sounds.”

jacob c – GOOGLE PLAY

“Works great! Bought the new package. It’s full of stuff.”

William Lovett – GOOGLE PLAY

“Best music app on Android simple to use great soundpacks.”

Dee Dee Hart – GOOGLE PLAY

“The app is great for making any type of music u want trap, classis and even rock has mods were it teaches you to use every tool.”

d420senter – GOOGLE PLAY

“Stagelight adds fire to and is a great addition in the “mobile music platform” I rated it 5 stars because it’s just that great. It’s free, but you can pay to unlock for Android and windows. It’s not a bad price either. This people is one music app to keep. Easy to use and the creation possibilities are limitless.”

Stephen Dorsey – GOOGLE PLAY

“I love this DAW so much I can’t thank you all enough for creating a free version thank you.”

Nero Ifrit – GOOGLE PLAY

“Awesome app for musicians.”


“Brilliant, easy to learn and use and great fun.

Danny Stewart – GOOGLE PLAY

“Great full featured music DAW.”

Daniel Rider – GOOGLE PLAY”

“I like the sound packs And its fun to use.”

Iam Hector – GOOGLE PLAY

“Thanks for this app. I absolutely love it. Easy to use and runs smooth.”

TaJuan Hardaway – GOOGLE PLAY

“This app is easy to use with very professional sounds.”

clarence green – GOOGLE PLAY

“The simple and nice lesson will connect your music soul with this apps.”


“It’s a great app 10/10 especially since there’s no garage band on android.”

SmartShard – GOOGLE PLAY

“This app is the best for ppl starting musical production.”

Douglas Mock – GOOGLE PLAY

“I think that this the greatest producing app out there I will never use any
other apps again, great work on this one.”

Anthony Morton – GOOGLE PLAY

“Amazing crossplatform app, very intuitive and easy to use, tons of synth
and fx plugins, multi-track audio and full automation of patameters… a
must have!”

Sandro Marchetti – GOOGLE PLAY

“Wow…completely shocked how good it is. Been a fruity loops fan so long but stagelight is so much more simple and efficient to get out your musical creativity. In a short time you can find shortcuts to create studio sounding songs with topnotch quality. Great for beginners and the pro elite beatmakers too. 5 stars No jokes 😎”


“I learn something new about it every time i open this app..the best studio  on the go.”

Tyson Kirby – GOOGLE PLAY

“Exceeds Expectations: Using this takes me back to 10 years ago when I first making music. I wasnt to excited about using a new program but there was just something about it that brought me back everytime. Stagelight has this element. I have integrated this into my workflow and also been enjoying my purchase of the Timbaland edition. The kit is an extremely nice touch, and I hope Open Labs continues to bring us these exclusive kits. Also, their delivery on this program has made me curious of what kind of punch their Niko packs”

 Augustine Saldana IV – CNET

“With GarageBand, you’re on your own. With StageLight, you are in an interactive community with Open Labs. First and foremost, StageLight is super user friendly. Next, Open Labs gives the support that you would get from companies that sell DAW’s that cost hundreds of dollars. When you get in touch with them, it is humbling how much they care, how serious they are about providing a truly great product, and how unselfishly they priced it.”

Cruz Vargas – ROLLING STONE 

“This is a great simple, affordable, and pretty dang good software and for only $10 to $15!!!”

Dakota Nelson

“Great Value Regardless of Skill Level: Not only is it super easy to use, it’s a great tool regardless of your skill level. Experience with music in general helps, and experience with other tools, like FL Studio, can’t hurt, but you can jump right into it’s big sound libraries and create loops and full blown songs in hours. It’s a great piece of software, even in this stage. Easy to use, intuitive, and smooth, it’s a gorgeous bit of code. However, it is a bit bulky, and lacks high level features, but I’m sure Open Labs is working on it.”

Victor Serrano – CNET

“Best for Pros, Easy for Beginners: Easy, Fun, Has enough options for pros to use. The best Music you with make with a software for $9.99.”

Michal Gumulak – CNET

” I can consider myself as a newbie when talking about creating songs, audio edition and anything related to music creation. One friend of mine recommended StageLight saying that it was one of the cheapest programs you could find that is not aggressive” and complex to someone that don’t have experience, at the same time it’s a software that will still progress with your skills, doesn’t matter if you’re starting right now at this area or if you have years of practice. It’s the best software I could find that makes what it proposes at a fair price without a single drop of quality. StageLights is great, so if you’re starting like me and feel kinda insecure don’t worry it’s worth it.”

 Nicolas Boarin – ROLLING STONE 

“Do Not Try for 30 Days, BUY IT NOW: Easy tweaking of sound variation of beats . . . click on a box follow the metronome rhythm and you got your self a flow that DRIVES your ambition AND the price is phenomenal a GAME CHANGER in the industry. TRUE TO OPEN LABS ability to deliver what musicians and artists need to further create and reinvent the sounds of the music industry and give to the fans of artists an insight and the ability to be just as creative as their favorite artists.”

 Anthony Rodriguez – CNET 

“StageLight is an awesome, easy and free way to make your own music. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create great music.”

 Will Johnson

“Shocked Me Right Through: As the title tells, StageLight Shocked me right through. It was by coincident really that I found it, but I don’t regret finding it a bit. Even though I only have tried the Demo version as of yet, a 30 day trial of the full program, I got shown enough to convince me. This is without doubt one of the best programs as of yet. To start of with why it is one of the best programs as of yet, The Features. StageLight has all the features you need to get going directly, A good tutorial to get you on your feet if you’re a newbie like me, A good amount of samples, sounds, plug-ins, drum kits and more to use for your music and it has a really great touch input system and layout. I managed to look through all these features and none of them has let me down. There is a bit short of sound samples right now in my opinion, though you can very well get around on the ones that are right now but somethings are still missing in my opinion. The Reliability and Quality of the program is top notch, I experienced no lag at all, no drop of music quality, nothing bad in the performance of the program with other words. To add to this, I’m ran the program on my cheap,crappy laptop and it performed excellent. So I got nothing more to say about the Performance, Reliability and quality of the program. Now the Look and Feel of StageLight. It’s slick, it’s slim and I absolutely love it. The colour scheme they got going with doesn’t tire out, irritate or just look plain ugly for your eyes. I sat two, maybe three days in one session mostly just looking at the colour scheme of StageLight as I was making music and my eyes didn’t feel any more tired than usual. The whole layout they’ve gone with is simple with good sized buttons, both for touch-screen users and for standard screen users. Even in the end of my Demo trial and after, StageLight still looks fresh and new with it’s layout and colour scheme. Now to sum all of this up, StageLight is an excellent program that’s user-friendly, with lots of great features and its got a fresh, stylish layout that’s hard to get bored when you’re looking at it. That’s why it’s my number one, music making program. Cheers.”

Sebastian Helm – GUITAR CENTER 

“Great for the Value: After looking through various software for recording, I decided to try Stagelight. I was honestly surprised by the amount of content that is included. The drum “machine” is probably one of my favorite parts of the software because it is so versatile and great-sounding. Recording is easy to do as well. Overall, I am very happy with the software because they are constantly adding new drums and sounds into the works. I have owned the software for over six months and it still surprises me. I love exploring the new features.”


“Best Music making product for the price: This software is the best, I recommend for those who have developed music before as well as beginners.”

 Randy Tinkle – GUITAR CENTER

“Dell offers a great PC package. Bundled with StageLight it is by far the best bang for your buck to start producing your own music. This is especially true with the plug in capabilities coming each new version of StageLight. Keep up the good work OpenLabs.”

 Gary Bond

“Pretty Great, Especially for the Price: Interface is pretty intuitive.
-Decent selection of synths and instruments.
(Haven’t tried with a MIDI device so can’t comment on that)
Great product, basics are very easy to learn, and tutorials are quite helpful with getting started”

 Brendan Rohr  

“Its great program I enjoy the music on stagelight.”

Paul Gutierrez

“I really like the same simplicity and ease of the software. It took me a while to figure out how to set up my midi, because there’s no guide or manual, but it with a little knowledge on drivers it really simple. What I really do not like is that I haven’t found the form to make the really fast hi hat “hip-hop” sequence. Overall really enjoy the program and hope improvements will be coming in the future.”

Phillip Gutierrez – OPEN LABS

“Great Starter Program: I purchased this product because of a friend’s referral and I have not been disappointed. I just started but it is user friendly and has many options. For $10.00 why not try it? My main reason for buying StageLight was to master vocals and I’ve been very pleased with its capabilities.”

Lesley Moore – GUITAR CENTER 

“Open my mind for create music.”

 Joan Rivera – ROLLING STONE 

“Stage Light is an amazing piece of software that functions seamlessly and is an effective competitor to garage band at a reasonable price. Stage light has changed the way i create music.”

Naman Singh – PC WORLD 

“Easy to use DAW: – Easy to get started.
– Simple plugins, presets so you don’t have to spend time fiddling around with settings
– Default instruments are awesome, I really like the default piano.”

 Ryan Lee – CNET 

“Easy to use: This was a gift to my 12 year old Grandson. He never used anything like this before. It was easy to install and within 30 minutes, he was creating music. Great stuff! I recommend it!”

Reginald Luck – GUITAR CENTER 

“I was pleasantly surprised!: The product has an attractive, user-friendly interface and includes hands-on tutorials for absolute beginners. It also comes with instrument plug-ins and sounds, but I was able to download more from other companies and plug them in to the program. For $9.99 it it is definitely a good buy. For $10 more one can even get Linkin Park or Timbaland sounds/instruments. Over all, I am very pleased with the product. I spent the extra $10 and got the Linkin Park Edition and I can honestly say it was a good investment. I’m sure the Timbaland Edition is just as good, if not better.”

Ashley Redden – CNET 

“It’s the dimply and the best program to create music for me. It’s very user friendly and the part of the program are very complete.”

Rosso Matteo – ROLLING STONE 

“i love this software because it help me 2, cause i’m not much able 2 use various musical instruments. i’m learning yet, cause i’m 18 teen. With This Software I already Made my firsts 5 songs. IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Isach Newport – OPEN LABS

“I have been using Stagelight for a couple of months and it’s just amazing! I can create my own music very simple and fast! Everyone is able to use it! It’s perfect!”


“Easy Way to Create Music on Different Devices: Professional samples and sound, collaboration with famous musicians, nice support. I advise everyone to buy and use it!”

Roman Stetsenko – CNET 

The software is very user-friendly. It did not take long at all to pick it up and start creating. Having a lot of fun with this (only $10!!) program.”

 Tyler Yentes – OPEN LABS

” Unbeatable: A solid, easy to use DAW capable of so much more than other entry level software. Easy to use, unlimited tracks and plugins, supports VST, key lock to keep songs within a note range, just to name some of its features, but most of all it’s easy to pick up on day one without studying manuals trying to figure out what your doing, allowing you to create music. After spending hundreds on other softwares, I still always come back to Stagelight.”

Cecil Kofford – GUITAR CENTER

“Didn’t use it before? So do it!: Even a little child can make some beats and melodies by using Stagelight.Interface is simple, all instruments on the right places. Also there are great tutorials for beginners in music creation, but if you already have own experience you can realize yourself in Stagelight. Oh, did I mention that this app is ideal with touchscreen? I started my “composer” way 4 years ago and tried many serious programs, but Stagelight is something new in this area. No doubt.Just try it!”

Dima Amelin – CNET

“I’ve recently started using the linkin park edition and I have enjoyed messing about with the various drum samples and it is so much easier to put something together and it is also a fun way to make music. In my experience of pro tools and fl .open labs stagelight is easier and more enjoyable than anything else I’ve used pretty sick layout to making it easier to put what’s in your head on the screen.”


“The Easy Way to Create Music: They advertise it as “The Easy Way to Create Music” and I would have to agree. This DAW came with my new laptop so I tried it for 30 days. I decided to buy the full version due to its capabilities at such a low price. I have used other DAWS such as Cubase which is pretty complex. StageLight allows you to focus on the music creation itself by easing the way you setup your project. It’s simple to add instruments, vocals, drum machine, midi controllers without going through various menu settings just to get it to work. I would always show my friends how easy it is to make a beat in a minute or make a song within minutes. For the low price don’t expect to get all the bells and whistles as a DAW at $200+, but Stagelight comes with numerous samples, instruments, and effects. I like that you can import VSTs with ease which I did from my Cubase collection. The kicker for me is that it had automation that can control a lot of different parameters. I am into making EDM as well so this was very important to me. I find myself using Stagelight more and for the price it can’t be beat.”


“I tried many programs which help you to make music, but Stagelight was the easiest between all of them. In 30 minutes i started to make my own song. I love how simple is, and how many opportunities i have.”

Peter Michael – OPEN LABS

“OK. I have used Ableton Live, and it is great. But it took a LONG time to learn the program, and to get to the point of being able to really make something with it. StageLight can be picked up in 10 minutes, and you can seriously make music with little or no skill at all. It is by far the most user-friendly DAW out there. There are lessons to help you learn the program quickly, so beginners be not afraid. It also allows you to make ANY genre of music you want. “So that’s all great, but I am on a very small budget.” Doesn’t matter. StageLight is only $10, and has basically all the same capabilities as big time (and big money) DAWs like Ableton or Pro Tools. You have to trust this software, because it was (basically) invented by Mike Shinoda, co-frontman and engineer of LP. He has been everywhere, has used Pro Tools, and makes music on a level not many others are doing right now. Who else can claim “the easiest way to make music”, than someone who has seen it all? I personally purchased the Linkin Park Edition of StageLight, (only $15) and it is by far the coolest piece of music production software ever released. You literally have hundreds of sounds, straight from the LP library, at your disposal. If you are like me, and you get really into dissecting and even performing LP’s music, then you have to get this. Its amazing to go into the drum racks and be like, “Hey, that’s the snare used in Burn It Down,” or “Whoa, that’s the kick drum used in Papercut” Conclusion: Buy it, if you truly want to experience “the easiest way to make music.”

 Jacob Gindhart – ROLLING STONE

“What more better quality can you get for the price !!! So awesome!!!! Thank you.”

Shane Gibrick – FACEBOOK

“I’ll have to say that the linkin park edition of stagelight is the most interactive way of making music for me and I sincerely love it! I would recommend this to all of my friends who are savvy musicians! much love to open labs! “

Kuya Tateyama – ROLLING STONE

“I love using this software, it is so easy and fun to make music when I do not have to be an expert! 100% recommended. Pros: excellent overlay, user friendly.”

Jordan Cecil – OPEN LABS

“The best software to make music with easy to use.”

James – CNET

“A client I worked with told me to get Stagelight from OpenLabs and I love it. Its not filled with a ton of stuff so the interface is very simple and easy to use and find what you want fast. I have been wanting to move from dj to producer for a long time and tried them all , fruity loops , pro tools, garageband, and none are this user friendly.”

Adan Gonzalez – ROLLING STONE

“I barely needed to learn what to do, it is very easy to use and master. All sorts of things are present to make your song perfect. All of the different instruments allow variety in all of the songs. It is a great program for easy to make music, which will still sound amazing!”

Anton Stadnikov – GUITAR CENTER

“Most new users can start creating right away: Easy to create your tunes or Ringtones.”

Kevin Gaouette – CNET

“i am in love with stage light and its features. i had stage light for about 8 months now and it is a fantastic software to use for your creation for music. i have used many daw softwares from pro tools to audacity, a free software. out of all the different softwares i’ve had used, stage light for face in the most easiest to use, more easer that audacity and really powerful at its current development. i would highly recommend this software to my friends. this software is perfect for any user or musician. it is helpful when creation song for a passion.”

Hayden Woodgate – NOISE CREEP

“This recording software is unbeatable at a $10 price point. It is fun and easy to use. The tutorials and samples provided were easy to follow and helped get me off the ground. It was simple to set up my MIDI controller as well as my Korg piano and everything worked immediately.”

Ann Hart – PC WORLD

“Coming from the PC world, it isn’t easy finding some great music software at a cheap cost. That’s where StageLight comes in. This software is incredible for the amount it costs, giving users the ability to create music with ease. The developers are great too, looking for feedback from you and updating their product frequently. I’d highly recommend if you are wanting to start making music for such a cheap cost. Seriously, it is only $10!”

Michael Murata – GUITAR CENTER

“Just Try It!: Free To Try! Easy To use. Just Works. For any Skill Level! Plug-Ins Work.This produces the same result as the end stuff if Not Better. Much easier to use.”

Josh Hayes – CNET

“Stagelight is “Great software. Works great. Love it. Highly
recommend to everyone!!!!
It is easy to use and it is a lot of fun as well.”

Skip Goldberg – ROLLING STONE

“I can only advise it,StageLight is very simple to learn, but is also very deep and allows full of possibilities. The rendering is very professional and works equally well for a “fun” or “serious” use. Finally, I suggest getting The Linkin Park Edition, with full sound and more. 10/10!”

Axel Jambaud – PC WORLD

“Stagelight is a truly wonderful piece of software and makes composing fun and easy. Make sure you download the Linkin Park pack and the core pack to really get the most out of the software.”

Sarah Goffin – PC WORLD

“Coming from the PC world, it isn’t easy finding some great music software at a cheap cost. That’s where StageLight comes in. This software is incredible for the amount it costs, giving users the ability to create music with ease. The developers are great too, looking for feedback from you and updating their product frequently. I’d highly recommend if you are wanting to start making music for such a cheap cost. Seriously, it is only $10!”

Cosimo Pianigiani – GUITAR CENTER

“Stagelight is a powerful tool and it has a very low price. This piece of software is very easy to learn and even has some digital lessons. I like that I just can start the program and make music in minutes.”

Mike Rovers – PC WORLD

“The great thing about music is the ability to connect with people over vast distances of which you may have never met or may never meet. That’s all anyone wants in life–connectivity. As a veteran musician, I’ve had experience as a hobbyist and back in my college days with many DAWs out there. One thing that always frustrated me is how that a lot of those DAWs out there took ridiculous amount of time to set up before you even got around to the recording and mixing stages. As someone who has very little time, but loves to write music, I wanted something which I could load at a second’s notice and have a piece of music composed within 30 minutes to an hour, that was intuitive and had an easy to navigate user interface, that was flexible with regards to virtual instruments and hardware. I was skeptical at first, but I quickly learned that StageLight was the answer. I’m a big fan of Linkin Park, so it’s safe to say that’s the edition I went for. Eventually, I would buy the Timbaland sound pack separately. I was amazed at how powerful the DAW is for the price point–making it a perfectly viable option for anyone who wants to jump into music but didn’t know where to begin. For me, it’s my #1 DAW. I use it to produce my music, produce music for others, and I used it to record as well as produce my band’s self-released album. The band being Faithless Devotion, and the album being Truth Beneath Lies–available on Soundcloud. I don’t think I can go back to any other DAW, and I can’t recommend it enough. It gets a solid 5/5 from me.”

Michael Warnes – OPEN LABS

“Stagelight is wonderful software. I was skeptical about the software due to the price, in the past I’ve used software that cost 100% more; Record by Propellerhead and Ableton Live. I found both of those software pieces to be cumbersome with a lot of hidden menus and/or I had to go out and find training videos on how to do simple things. After using StageLight for a few minutes I was sold, the menus made my work flow and everything clicked together. Also, if I had any questionings regarding on how to do something, HANDS ON training comes with the software!!! With StageLight I can now get on with my recording instead of trying to learn complex software. Bottom line, this software will allow you to do technical tasks without learning complex software. Maybe one day they’ll come out with GNU/Linux version :)”

Kevin Hager – BITTORRENT

“I’ve tried a lot of different types of music editors/ creators but stagelight is by far the best with its simple interface, it also has so much different types of sounds to mix. As well as for people that aren’t familiar on how to use programs like this, it has a tutorial that teaches you how to use it.”

Larsen Biadasz – OPEN LABS

“I’ve been an avid fan of GarageBand for many years but I have to say I much prefer using StageLight, the interface is intuitive, very clean and uncluttered. Once you’ve completed the tutorials and stepped through the demos, you should be in a position to begin creating music very quickly. I have to agree with the vast majority of the comments below the cost, ease of use and support make this product a must for all musicians. Go buy it and I defy anyone not to be impressed.”


“I wanted to make cool music without paying hundreds of dollars on the software. When I was searching I found Stagelight and was surprised about the functions it had and the price, $10. Without thinking I bought it and began to use Stagelight. I is really easy and with the tutorials provided by Open Labs, the company behind Stagelight, developing a nice soundtrack has never been so easy as before. For this price Stagelight is a must buy for all music lovers who want to make their own soundtracks.”

Bart-Jan Kapteijn – PC WORLD

“So far its my first choice in making music through a software. Stagelight is simple, easy to use and very user friendly. I bought Stagelight because I love Linkin Park and their songs, and with their musics incorporated to Stagelight, I can make songs that are inspired by their kind of music. I recommend!! Stagelight rocks!!”

Mcrea Pererra – PC WORLD

“As a Linkin Park fan, it was great to have all of the drum sound files that they use. The UI is simple and easy to get used to. Adding third-party VST plugins is also very simple.”

David Melomet – CNET

“Many years i’ve been making music in different DAW’s and using a lot of gear and spending money on plugins, DAW’s and other stuff and then i heard about StageLight. Its an amazing and powerful platform and mostly comfortable for me to use, its super easy and from amateur to pro can find it useful and fun to operate. Quick, good and powerfull. What else do you need? ;)”


“We have recently stacked a huge amount of unreleased tracks from our artists. They never saw the light of day as they were “unfinished”. We few weeks ago we came across a new type of software that specializes in audio creation. The thing is that you don’t have to be genius as the software is very easy to use and well documented on the web and especially on youtube if you need a helping hand. For starters we have re-invented our “Prime” project using the new StageLight software and we are working hard on a new album release in the following months. Our last album was called “Samurai” and it hit over 20k downloads in the first months from it’s free release towards the public. We hope that the next album that will be created using StageLight music software will hit more ears after the release. Thank you, music, thank you, StageLight!”

Mihai Oprean – FEVER MEDIA

“I first heard about Stagelight from a friend. He told me that Dell has a laptop that bundles this software along with some Linkin Park sounds. I’m an LP fan and would have quickly bought that laptop if I had the cash that time but I forgot about that after a few days. Years later I bought a new laptop (a Lenovo), it has a free trial version of Stagelight pre installed. I tried the software and found myself getting more and more interested in making music. The trial expired so I went to the site to check out the price. For only $10 you will get a license, now that caught my attention so I bought the LP edition ($14.99). I then found out it was the same software I heard of years ago. There are a lot of great things about Stagelight. The interface is not intimidating unlike other software like FL studio. The built-in tutorials are very much helpful for beginners. They are quick, concise, and will get you on your feet. The software is optimized for touch screen laptops which is good for people with touch screens but for people without that feature such as I, it is still great because touch screen software = big buttons. Seeing big buttons is relaxing unlike seeing a lot of small ones – that’s stressful. The program comes with enough effects and instruments which have easy to understand controls to help anyone quickly make music. Plus, you can add VST plugins which expands what you can do with it since you can download free VST instruments and effects and use it with Stagelight. Overall, the software is great: both beginners and advanced musicians will benefit a lot from this program.”

Michael Manzano – BITTORRENT

“I admit this is not a very technical review. I purchased this software for my 11 year old son. All that I can say is that I am impressed (by my son and this hardware). StageLight makes it so easy to be creative that my son is discovering new talent in himself. I know he is probably using 1% of what this software can do…but even the 1% is amazing! Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next as he discovers this tool more and more. (One of his compositions is so good, I’m putting it on iTunes to sell, in an attempt to raise money for friends that are adopting.) Pros: easy, powerful, great value. Cons: no french version.”

Alain Parent – DELL

“Easy to Get Started: I manage a youtube stream for a small non-profit. We constantly make video shorts. Having a simple soundtrack adds a lot of value. We can’t risk copyright infringements, can’t pay royalties, and don’t have time to search for appropriate royalty-free tracks. So I just make the tracks myself. Cons: None for my application.”

Alex Mansfield – CNET

“Great value with lots of sounds and effects: Pros: Great value for money, lots of sounds, easy to use UI, supports plugins. Cons: Could contain more professional features for high-end users. This is a great program for anyone seeking a windows DAW on a budget. Would highly recommend as it is amazing value for the cheap price.”

Josh Murtagh – CNET

“Love open Labs love the fact that they follow me on twitter as well.”

La’Brae Garrett – DISQUS

“I’ve used stage light for a while now and its what I go to when I need the perfect sounds for my project. Highly recommend! Stage light is a great program that gives you the freedom to create the sound that you want. Stage light has libraries if sounds and instruments to choose from.”

 Christian Storm – ROLLING STONE

“Stagelight is probably the best software yet. It’s the easiest to use, navigate and have fun with! They have so many options and packs and sounds, yet so simple. I’ve had it for about a month and I’ve many round 9 complete full songs. This is the best out there.”

Stephen Torres – OPEN LABS

“First time I saw Stagelight in bittorrent software…when I install a bittorrent then I saw to the bittorrent window of Open Labs Stagelight add and LP band members in this add…im pretty much interested in making music then I download quickly and I made this track. .And after that I joined to the Stagelight September monthly music contest and submitted 5 tracks its very very easy to create…I’m beginner also I’ve never created music before this is my first time of making music…when made drum bit first time I made simple natural bit and after that I close my eyes and click all the created drum bit box here and there coincidentally and play and there are some good drum bit…so its very easy anybody can use.”

Sumit Das

 “A very efficient, easy-to-use digital audio workstation: Pros: Perfect for starters or people who does not want to get complicated with too much detail and control, Easy-to-use, friendly and beautiful GUI, Comes with many virtual instruments, effects, audio loops, Full version has a very good price (not expensive as other DAWs), Works full screen, feels nice. Cons: Some here and there bugs, and some issues that can be improved. But nothing generally prevents the user from working in a creative environment. Overly, pleasing. Especially, given its price tag and the functionality, it is a great product.”

Yusur Mansur Ozer – CNET

“I saw StageLight LP edition Daw for first time here at Guitar Center and decided to give it a try after watching a few tutorial videos online. I like to try different Daws to see what is cool or unique about them. Wow, StageLight is truly a great Daw for creating Music quickly, easily without hours of ready, Fun, and actually has some pretty deep composition and editing features to get into as you progress for such a low price. No it doesn’t have the 16 million features that others do for $400-$700, but that is a good thing in this case! It’s also easy on the eyes for hours of working with, has built in user interactive tutorials, great online videos, and is easy enough for complete beginners as the more advanced features do not get in the way for learning or using for first compositions. Also a good low cost addition if you use other Daws and want something different, Easy, and fun to add to your Studio Tools! ……the Electro Synth and Electro Instrument expansions alone are worth the cost ($5 ea in SL store) to add to your home studio options to play with, IMO. Definitely worth looking into and trying, especially for its completely low entry price! You can add on to it later in their store for very low costs, which is fun too! Covers all types of Music genres! Go for it! You won’t be sorry!”

Greg Ruscigno – GUITAR CENTER

“Best music making software in its price: Pros: Cheap, easy to use, many great built-in instrument and effects, MIDI and audio devices support, VST plugins support, Touch support, quick-growing community. Cons: Quite small community in comparison to more expensive DAWs, but its quickly growing. I advise you to test it for free before buying. Definitely best DAW in its price.”

Jakub Wesolowski – CNET

“Superb software that I have produced my first track on in a week’s time! Very much recommended. .!”

Essam El-Gohary

“I really like this program because much of it is easier than with other programs that I have tried. If using this program, you will see how much fun it can be creating and sharing your own stuff…….”

Larrie Green

“Stagelight is an amazing program for beginners to learn on. That’s the point I’m at right now. This is a great fluid program that can do almost anything as long as you put the effort in.”

Joseph Torres

“I recently got Stagelight and it has blown me away with how simple it is to use. Its so user friendly and has a great selection of sounds. Its perfect for producers of all levels!”

Natali Monks

“Pros: Easy to follow tutorials. Lots of choices. Cheap.
Cons: None that I’ve found yet Summary:I dream of a day where something plugs into my brain and translates the genius within. Meanwhile; this will more than do for my musical brain farts. It’s easy to pick up and put down and a jolly good fun noise maker.”

Summer Raine Friatt

“Music Creation Made Easy – Stagelight 2.0 – Pros: Approachable to even the newest of the new: Stagelight’s simple interface, tutorials, and included samples will get anyone started quickly. With the ability to add in your own samples and plugins there’s plenty of room to grow before moving up to more expensive software. Integrated Soundcloud Functionality lets you create, upload, and share to the cloud with ease. Of course you can also mixdown your tracks to your machine and share them however you want.
Cons:While the interface is nice and simplistic, it’s designed for a touchscreen and it shows. Big bulky buttons cover up precious screen space and windows drop down and cover the entire screen without being resizable. I experienced stuttering and a few crashes when playing using too many tracks (~20). – Summary: Stagelight is something I wish I had when I was first learning about DAW’s. It’s much easier to learn and share and that’s what’s important to beginners. It’s not going to be the final step in anyone’s content creation career, but it’s a solid first one.”

Jacob Getz

“Stagelight is really good, easy to use and very complete. I recommend this software for anyone wanting create music easily!”

Jeremy Renouf

“A great tool to add to the Collection! Easy to set up and figure out, for beginners and experts. I use it to lay down simple thoughts and sounds to expand on later! The only thing I would like is an instruction manual as sometimes I need help figuring out some tools. Besides that I absolutely love it!”

Drey Bohnanan

“Try it and love it…- Pros:30 day Fully functional trial, Easy to use, even for novice users, Touch Screen Friendly User Interface, Great value of money, VST Plugins Support, Lots of samples and sounds available, MIDI Support, Does not require powerful hardware. – Cons: Does not include full fledged software mixer – Summary: Really easy to use DAW to begin creating your own music. A real great value of money. User interface is easy to use, touchscreen friendly and scaling can be adjusted to match any display resolution.
Lots of tutorials included, to get everyone quickly started, regardless of their previous experience with DAW’s.”

Edgar Suls

“Great product.Must buy for starters – Pros: Intuitive UI, Easy to understand and use, Even people with no prior knowledge of music can easily create interesting songs, Contains large library of Linkin park sounds.- Cons: Even after pressing pause sometimes tracks continue to play.Not a major problem though.”

Sanchay Kumar

“I have used many software recording programs and this is by far the easiest one to make music with. “

Ray Carpenter

“For everyone, on anything, and everywhere. -Pros: This software is so much for how it cost! 10$ for a great DAW, that you can install on all your computer (I have it on Desktop, Laptop and my Tablet). The interface is really user friendly. After 5 minutes, you are ready to create. You can play with your own MIDI instrument. You really should give it a try! -Cons: You can’t import MIDI track and there is not a lot of “instrument” that come with it, but you can install VST plugins, so that is not that bad. One other thing that bother me a little is the micro-transaction. There is a store inside the software, but honestly, it’s not bad because the majority of the stuff here are pre-made beat.- Summary: I am a musician, I worked with professional DAW (like Cubase and FL Studio), but I still recommend it. For the price, it’s amazing. Also, you can try it for free for a month.”

Karl-Étienne Forand- Dubois

“Really love using Stagelight for practicing and recording guitar. It’s really easy to make drum loops and play along. I use amplitube plug in and it works fine with my guitar connected with Rocksmith usb cable. I’m still fairly new to playing guitar and making/recording music put this interface is really easy to work with. Was looking for a good cheap DAW type program and for the price Stagelight definitely fits the bill.”

Roberto Mejia

“If you are looking to get acquainted with music production on computer, StageLight might be a good choice over more sophisticated DAW (I am not sure StageLight will qualify as a DAW), in particular since it aims to a simplistic interface. I haven’t spend enough time to do a great review, but from my 5-10 min play around with StageLight I was able to create drum pattern and stuff like that while being limited by the software in term of what drums can be used and such… Eventually you could be able to upgrade it by buying extra module and such which directs you to the StageLight store. My biggest concern at the moment for this software is that I am not sure if I will be able to interface it with other music creation software, VST and other tools. But here again, I might be mistaken by the lack of time on StageLight”


“I have been using Stage Light for a couple of months after using FL Studio for years. I must say, I am really impressed with the intuitive workflow of Stage Light, and the ability to literally load up and start recording my ideas. If anyone is looking for a really affordable DAW, then I can highly recommend Stage Light.”

Andy Blank

“Pros: User friendly service, Lots of free sounds, Low price, Quality / Cons: None, it’s really great , Ok maybe sometimes too simple but I don’t really mind 😀 / Summary: Amazing Application, can recommend it to everyone trying to make music! ” Pretty Good Software for Quick Music Creation” 5 stars “

Christian Kaal – CNET

“Stagelight is an amazing piece of software! It’s simple the best for amateur and Professionals alike. Thats one of the reasons what I bought the software. I’m a singer songwriter that knows nothing about engineering, Stagelight was made for people like me that just want to sing and get my ideas quick and easy like drinking water.”

Amos Bangura – PC WORLD

“Stagelight is freaking AWESOME music creating and editing software! My son who outshines his physical disability on a daily basis is writing and recording his own original and super catchy songs with the help of Open Labs products! I would recommend this software package and their supporting add on bundles to anyone who also enjoys mastering their own unique sounds in home studio or on the PC. Stagelight and Open Labs ROCK!!!! “

Jesse Gamber – ROLLING STONE

“I found the Stagelight software a good starting point. They are excellent if you’re looking for a place to make a cool beat, or if you want to pay for the extra keyboard sound effects. However, if you don’t buy anything extra with it, it lacks in the amount of variety at digital sounds for a keyboard. “

Zac Brommer – MUSIC RADAR

“Out of all the Music Softwares I’ve used, most definitely Stagelight is the best. It’s super easy to use + it’s great on touch screen laptops. I’d say 10/10! “

Mike Griffiths – ROLLING STONE

“As a complete music novice, I find the Stagelight software to be just what I need to get my ideas out there and recorded. It’s incredibly simply to understand and I was able to start making music within minutes of my download completing.”

Mark Wilkinson – MUSIC RADAR

“Stagelight’s GREAT I love all the available combinations and ease of use. I would recommend stagelight to everyone it truly is worth the price “

Hytham Mohammed – FACEBOOK

“I love it after dabbling for 20 years with other artists using three daws combined. stagelight is a guilty pleasure. I’m no expert but building a song and teaching yourself is so much easier. just load it up with plugins and its a dream. I tell other people about it around me and nobody knows I’m a musician accept in europe. My sales are modest but something is growing. get it I swear it will amaze you”

Craig Gialo -NOISE CREEP

“Pros: I have both Mixcraft 6 and Stagelight, and I find Stagelight to be much easier for building complex rhythm tracks and composing songs. When I just want to try out a new sound in my head I find the creative process flows easier for me with Stagelight. It doesn’t require a degree in engineering to lay out some simple or more complex loops or tracks, and I like the way it breaks a song into discrete parts. Laying out drum tracks are super easy, just pick the drum kit and mark where you want the beats, it’s that simple. Building a whole song is just as easy, you have 4 or 5 parts, and build each part. If you don’t like the chorus for instance, it is really easy to edit just that part. You don’t need to search through the whole song either. You can drag and drop the parts where you want them when working on the layout. I really like the way the program can scale in complexity when you’re looking to jump up in sophistication as well. Worth many times more than the asking price. Cons: There are a few drawbacks. The number of loops included is much smaller than Acoustica’s Mixcraft 6 or Sony’s Acid Pro products. The integrated store has some more available (including sounds from several groups of performers like Linkin Park and Timbaland), but the choice isn’t as wide as I would like. Packages are heavily geared toward house and electronic dance or hip hop. Same goes for VST plugins. You can use the ones that you have, but don’t expect a lot of choices straight out of the box. Summary: For the $10, you get a creative music package that rivals many more expensive programs. The ease of use, great tutorials, and simple and clean layout and tools make this package any musician or aspiring musician can use every step of the creative process. Give it a shot, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know I was. “

Curtis Suddarth – CNET

I have messed with Stagelight ever since I bought. I really like how you can make music and then change difference sounds on it. Coming from a family who only used music on a piano and recorded on terrible cameras, this was a huge step for me and them!! “

Matthew Zamutt – GUITAR CENTER


“With Stagelight it is truly to work smarter and not harder. From amateur to professional no one can tell the difference with the tutorial if needed. Only a fingertip away on how to do anything creating music at the greatest procession. Just trying the FREE DEMO VERSION one can accomplish the experience need to get the INCREDIBLE low priced software LESS THAN ten dollars at ANYTIME. Finally Stagelight will keep subscribers updated with VERY LOW BUDGET DEALS via email. Experience STAGELIGHT today.”

April Parrish – NOISE CREEP

“Stagelight is an amazing, easy to use product to create epic music at studio quality, thanks Open Labs “

Aiden Cheney – OPEN LABS

“While Stagelight may be small and very limiting compared to bigger alternatives such as Propellerheads Reason. It is incredible for what it is. I think of it as a sort of mini- DAW. It can do quite a bit on it’s own. Midi sequencing, sound design, audio integration, automation, missing, and a little but of EQ that can be used to master simple tracks. I wouldn’t consider this as a main base for making music, but I would imagine that it’s a very great way for people just learning to get started and learning about midi and how things work before moving into the complicated stuff. However, its really fun to mess around on. It’s fast and it’s innovative. It’s interface looks really cool and it feels right. Having to pay extra for certain features can be a bit of a pain, but it isn’t much. Considering that the software itself is cheap, what you get is incredible amazing for the price. Also, did I mention that is has full support of VST’s? Awesome! I definitely like Stagelight PLus, of course the Linkin Park samples in this Edition are all awesome and are great to start building tracks off of. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys music.”

Trevor Wood – CNET

“Stagelight is powerful and it comes with a very low price. It’s really fun in the beginning and when you become mroe known to the possibility’s it does not disappoint. I use it with a M-audio keystation and use the possibility of importing vst files. For $10 you bought yourself a hammond organ, a drummachine, a shipload of synths..combined! You can record and master your tracks.”

Christian IJsvogel – PC WORLD

“Stagelight is one of the best programs for up and coming artist and producers. It has changed why I create my music.”

Harris Eugene Jackson – DISQUS

“Good Value…Lots of Features. Pros: low price, fairly easy interface, good support response. Cons: Not much user documentation”

Caroline Kessler – CNET

“Very Simple, Intuitive interface, Highly functional-there is a lot that can be customized under the surface. Supports and Plugins are a big plus, Crazy cheap for what you get, especially compared to other software! If I had to give one downside I would be nice to have some real drum sounds, alongside the electronic ones. “

Peter Kilfeather – ROLLING STONE


Shane Gibrick – VENTURE BEAT

“Stagelight great, helped me to express your creativity and love his music, helped me a lot in the work of teaching in music. I love this software. Previously I have tried over the software as: FLStudio 10, SONAR X2 to Beat music, but to use this software to make music Stagelight Beat it is convenient, easy to implement, effectively bringing much better with other software application. Thank you for letting me use the software Stagelight. I wish you success in your work. You can use my picture if it is sent. I can upload their music youtube video do you watch and comment offline. Thank you.”

Minh Nguyen

“The software is neat and simple, intuitive and well-designed. Love the way it looks. The organization and control system is easy to use. And the features are simply accessible. I love the sounds but I would love to be able to put sounds of my own into the drum tracks. I bet it is even more fun to touch and explore on a touchscreen device. Thanks you guys! I hope you will continue to improve my favorite music making program real soon!”

Andrey Voziyanov – NOISE CREEP

“I can definitely say that Stagelight is the single most innovative program I have ever used. For someone who had never made music before it provides all the tools I needed to create a beat and is very organized and easy to use. Not only that, but it provides tutorials for its use, and that has been immensely helpful. You can expect great things from the program and it is great for beginners everywhere.”

Lianna Pang – TECH CRUNCH


“StageLight is very simple and creative tool. Everyone can make music!”

Hubert Cichocki – PC WORLD

You pro or not, this software is for you! Useful, yes! Easy, yes! Cheap YES!

Ridvan Küçük – ROLLING STONE

Stagelight by Open Labs keeps my music creations simple and affordable and with outstanding sound quality! I hope there are more artist editions coming.


I purchased Stagelight 4 months ago and it is the better software I have ever used. Simple, powerful, and with a very good price! 10/10 recommended.

Daniel Fernandes – ROLLING STONE

Stagelight is a best software for making music. I love it!! With Stagelight i can easy make a lot of music. Thank you

Piotr Maryniuk – DISQUS

Stagelight was the first Program I felt I could really Understand and utilize. Anyone looking for a user friendly recording software should go out and grab this right away!!

Eric Moczygemba – DISQUS

Stage light is probably one of the most funnest and easiest programs to use it has a wide selection of choices!

Justin Brown – DISQUS

Stagelight is (not one of) the most easy to use DAW I have ever used. You can do anything you can imagine with a DAW software easily. And it’s price is the best part. It’s only $10. Open Labs, Where Amazing Happens.

Cem Sarikaya – DISQUS

Stagelight is amazing. I’ve played at least one instrument for most of my life, but since I got this program I’ve been able to expand into writing and producing as well.

Ruby Bryan – DISQUS

Simple, fast, reliable, stylish, intuitive–It works!

Дмитрий Кофейный-тапочкин – PC WORLD

Nice piece of software, intuitive, friendly and powerful!

Arne Liennemann – ROLLING STONE

5 stars! Amazing and Easy! Simple and Amazing sound. Haven’t personally found any cons yet. I haven’t been using StageLight long, but whenever I do I can’t stop

Stephen Henze – DOWNLOAD

Easy, easy, and very easy to use… I would love more predefined sounds to directly start playalong…but therefore are other things on the market Love it and would buy it again…Only Thing – Android Version should be upgraded to far more deviceses!!!!

Timo Werres – DOWNLOAD

Stagelight is my favorite music software. And I have before been an in-depth user of logic, pro tools and somewhat ableton. Stagelight has all the requirements for making professional, serious music.. But in a way that is enjoyable and easy. Music making for me is not anymore a technical, exhausting endeavor. Now it’s a time of excitement. Cheers and thanks to the creators.

Mickey Lighttune – ROLLING STONE

I’ve use many music programs and I would consider this number one when it come to simplicity. I’ve lost the need for the more expensive programs.