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Listen to Cobra Clutch, Stagelight’s Artist of the Month!

Introducing Cobra Clutch, our Stagelight Artist of the Month for September! Nijah aka Cobra Clutch, lives in Richmond, Virginia, US where she creates her own blend of deadly hip hop. She transfers her high energy personality and emotions into banging bounce beats that have a bite! With a style similar to other Virginia artists like Timbaland and Pharrell, she’s looking to get you krumping and dancing to the beat. On our favorite track “Deadly Venoms,” Nijah drops a dope blend of VA bounce that she named after cult film “5 Deadly Venoms” while creating it for UMC’s “5th Ward” TV series show. We’re excited to feature Cobra Clutch’s venomous music via SoundCloud all month long on the Open Labs website. Be sure to support your fellow Stagelight Community creators and give Cobra Clutch a follow!

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