by | Dec 18, 2018 | Open Labs Artists, Stagelight

What’s up everyone! I’m back with another one and this time it’s for all you Stagelight beatmakers! These are 8 beatmaking hacks that I use frequently when I’m making music and needing to spice things up on the fly. Most of these hacks can be done on the free version too!

  1. Ear Candy Have you ever had beat block? Are you stuck staring at a blank grid? Switch it up and listen to some samples to find that spark. Start your next beat with some ear candy. Close the drums and add an audio track. Double tap or click to add a loop to create a vibe. Next filter and add delay to make an ear catching layer to build upon. Pull up the drums again and use the on-screen pads to record and establish a rhythm. Maybe your not a drummer. Use the drum track’s pattern presets and drum kits browser to dig around for that right sound to bump in your studio speakers.

 2. Pitching Sounds Move your pitch up or down a few semitones to get your beats cooking. This will put a different spin on the stock sounds and make it interesting. In the drum track try pitching your snare fills. Double click on a drum sound in the drum track and choose Pitch from the drum automation hacks. Then try pitching that snare up 5 notches. You can practically pitch everything from 808s to hi-hats or even pitched fx. Start changing your pitch up!

  3. Changing Tempo Why is your BPM still set at 120? C’mon! Try to remember that tempo is the feel of a song. Push up your song’s BPM to 130 for EDM and 140 with trap. Choose BPM from the transport and tap tempo it in. Nailing the tempo is key.

  4. Custom Drums Every pro drummer has a custom kit and signature sound right? Now you can too with Stagelight’s button to save presets. On the drum kits selector section just right click or long touch to save drum kit as. Start saving your own user drum kits & pattern presets to jump right into your favorite “go-to” beats and grooves.

5. Layering Sounds Are your drums sounding thin and weak? Experiment with doubling down on drums. Try adding two dry kicks together and different snare/clap combinations to give your beats that punchy edge.

 6. Swing Need a little more human feel to the drums. Add a global swing to your song by clicking on the grid icon in the transport options. Turn the swing feature on and add as much as you want. If your making hip hop choose that setting for a nice swing on the beat. Another way to push the beat’s swing is with push/pull. Double click any drum sound and add some push/pull on your hi-hat to give the groove a more natural feel. It’ll be more realistic and leave more room for those punchy kicks to pop through. Sub-divide hits as well to make more fills in between notes.

  7. Pattern Variation Drum beats can get pretty dull if you are just making 1 bar beats. Inside the drum track click the pattern options (icon with 4 squares) and try making a loop that is longer like 2 or an even 4 bars. Add a drum roll or drop a sick fill on the 4th bar.

8.  808 Booms 808s are the ultimate cheat code to make your beats sound modern & full. Drop them on the hook or anywhere you need a little more bump on the low end. Some drum kits have 808 sub kick sounds and trap related loop/preset packs like Chilled Trap are sure to have a couple of those 808 samples to drop in.

Bonus hack

Use a mic or your device’s built-in mic to make your own samples with SampleVerse. Record right from the record tab and then switch to the edit mode to further design your sound. You’ll probably want to turn off all the other sounds except the sample bank. You can sample anything and get pretty creative with this one. Have fun with that!

By tweaking little things in your beatmaking, it can make your Stagelight workflow much easier.