Stagelight 2.4.2 is here and you should update ASAP!

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Music (general), Open Labs, Stagelight

What are you waiting for? Stagelight 2.4.2 is here and with it comes a slew of improvements and an exciting new instrument, ElectroComposer.



We’re particularly proud of our UI enhancements. Now it’s easier for you to play instruments on your phone. Why? Because we made them full screen. We’re all about that creative spark and having full-screen instruments on phones makes it easier to free the music, on the go.


Record-to-TimelineStagelight 2.4.2 has made it even easier to take your ideas and turn them into finished compositions with its updated Record to Timeline feature. Once you have added, created, and recorded all of your ideas to cells in loopbuilder and have a basic idea of how you would like to arrange them, you can arm the record to timeline feature and play your loops in the desired order to compose your song. You can find the record to timeline button in the transport options menu. Once record to timeline is armed, all the loops and patterns that you play will be recorded to the timeline and you can now see your timeline recording progress with Stagelight’s new Timeline preview feature. Once you have finished recording, you can go over to the timeline to listen to your song and create a shareable wav file. With the Windows or Android Core Unlock Bundle, you can unlock the timeline and further craft your composition with timeline editing and automation tools.


Lastly, a new instrument for everyone. We want to hear what you come up with using ElectroComposer. Maybe you’ll compose such a great track you’ll win the Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II. The ElectroComposer provides a full classical composer experience. Access classical sounds like bells, woodwinds and strings for all your composing needs. This orchestration-based instrument has more unlock-able controls and presets available in the in-app store, which, by the way, has a new layout.


We like going all out for Stagelight, so our update includes more. Here is a full list of improvements-

*A reboot after installation may be required

Audio Engine enhancements

  • New OpenSL ES Implementation.
  • Audio playback no longer stops when loading instruments, effects or audio.

Enhanced MIDI Support for Android 6.0

  • Auto-detects devices

New Instrument

  • ElectroComposer instrument

UI enhancements

  • Improved Phone UX with full screen instruments
  • New Record to Timeline feature
  • New Store layout

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed startup crashes
  • OpenGL fixes
  • Keyboard fixes
  • Undo fixes

So what are you waiting for? There’s music to be made! Download the latest version today.