Open Labs has Unveiled StageLight 1.3, along with the Timbaland Edition and Timbaland Sound Packs

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Open Labs, Stagelight

TimstagramWe told you 2014 would be a big year for Open Labs. Now our first releases of the year are out in the public sphere, waiting for new musicians to create with. StageLight 1.3, the latest update to the Easy Way to Create Music, is widely available. Also available are the fruits of the partnership with producer and performer superstar Timbaland; i.e., StageLight: Timbaland Edition and Timbaland Sound Packs. We’ll dive in below to the main features, but the basic idea is that StageLight 1.3 further consolidates and streamlines the StageLight composing/recording process and the Timbaland Edition allows creatives to use many of the same sounds Tim has used in his work. They are directly from his studio to your PC.

One of the features to look out for in StageLight 1.3 is the already well-known Key Lock feature. Key Lock, for those unfamiliar, is a tool that allows creatives to stay in the proper key no matter what when using the app keyboard. StageLight 1.2 led the way with this innovation, but version 1.3 further integrates the tool into the StageLight interface. It will perform with more dynamism and efficiency. Also worth checking out is 1.3’s new effects suite, a wide-ranging pack of new FX to treat new compositions with. Open Labs is proud that each successive edition of StageLight has allowed musicians more latitude in how they bend and customize their melodic sounds. Additionally, StageLight 1.3 supports both streamlined navigation and dual state change. Basically this means that StageLight is now easier to get around once a musician is working in the app (streamlined navigation) and that the app is now compatible with PCs that can flip display stances. See what we mean here.

instagram1Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the 1.3 release is the improved in-app downloading that comes along with it. Again, this is not a brand-new advancement in StageLight’s programming, but a major update to an existing property that makes the process more effective for the musicians using it. And it is through the in-app downloading that StageLight artists can download and utilize the Timbaland sound packs. Again, you can use drum loops, samples and other sounds taken directly from the studio of “Timbo the King.” Just as StageLight is about forwarding our users musical dreams and abilities, now those very same musicians can use the proper sounds of an actual musical titan.

And the Timbaland Edition of StageLight goes even further. These come pre-packaged with Timbaland sounds and production templates. For instance, the new drum machine in the Timbaland edition is made up to Tim’s personal specs. Love those beats on the giant hits Timbaland has had a hand in? The Timbaland Edition can deliver those sounds to your composition. This is an equally important new update from StageLight. We’ve already released our Linkin Park Edition of the app, and Timbaland’s participation should bring StageLight to a whole new group of music fans and performers. Open Labs is proud to have partners of such an elite status – it assures that the experience we are contributing to cyberspace is a worthwhile and high-powered one. Pick up StageLight 1.3, a Timbaland sound pack, or StageLight Timbaland Edition (or all three) today.

You can pick the new releases up here.